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Le Chambre du Général

Project Type

Short film


2021 - 2022


Visual development, 2D character animation

Hugo arrives with his parents, Patrick and Véronique, at the family’s old home in the countryside to pack the last belongings. The house has fallen into ruin and is now for sale, much to the dismay of Hugo’s grandfather, Renan.
Renan tries to save the last of his possessions, but his son, Patrick, is determined to get rid of them.
Hugo, tired of his grandpa’s and father’s bickering, sneaks off to explore the old house. His curiosity leads him on a journey through time to discover the depths of his heritage rooted deeply in the general’s room.

3rd year graduation movie at The Animation Workshop, Viborg (Denmark). My primary roles for this project were character, prop and background design, as well as 2D character animation.

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